We are two free spirits, or, if you do not like pompous, two street dogs joined by a deep-rooted desire for freedom. The places we visit for indefinitely time, we passionately embraced and leave our traces.

Restoring cottages is a bit like making a sculpture. If you take the time the house and it’s direct surroundings will show you the way. The view, the light, the shadows, the vegetation – it must be a complete and almost unseeable intervention. As much as possible we let the original construction of the houses be, so you can see the thick stone walls and the colors that make them almost invisible in nature.

Every building day the cottage progresses such to its final state, which is not determinate beforehand. It grows under our eyes and hands to a place that is part of us.



 Olive oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing olives , the fruit of the olive tree. Our olives are ‘ picked ‘ by hand; you make a rake with your fingers and zips along the branches . Or using specially made short plastic rakes which you can put on a long stick for the high branches .
The nets are widely placed around the tree , so that the olives fall into it.
The olive are harvested when the olives are half green half black, this is depending on the weather, start mostly at the end of October and can go on till late November/December sometimes even January.

If we’ve accumulate around 300 kg we can go to the mill where the olives will be pressed and the oil will be separated from the water . A good year then gives about 50 liters of olive oil . This we catch up in a barrel and taste it immediately , because new oil has an unbeatable strong smell and spicy taste . It is also turbid and not clear yet. After a while, it will become a bright and gold green moisture and has lost a bit of its spicy, just pressed olives flavor .

In many countries around the Mediterranean sea for millennia years oil was not used only as food. In the past when there was no electricity for example , they used it in the form of oil lamps . We also learned to make soap from our old olive oil using a traditional recipe from women of the village.