Casa Cantina Trento

€325 a week

CANTINA TRENTO is located in the historical center in the village of SANT’ANDREA APOSTOLO DELLO IONIO (CZ) in Calabria, 5 km far from the Ionian Sea. The village lays on 450 meters above the sea, with behind the mountains, Le Serre.
The house consists of one-roomed flat with a terrace in front of the door. Cantina Trento is ideal for one or two people.
There is a double bed-couch and a bathroom with shower, toilet and a little washbasin. In the two niches, which formerly served as doors, there are now the gas cooker and the kitchensink.

A cantina is a place where people used to keep their treasures. And that was of course olive oil, wine, salami, cheese, dried figs and chestnuts, but also their homemade soap. This was the coldest place of the house, because it was located in the lowest storey. The houses were often built on rocks with the thickest walls as foundation. Storey by storey, the walls became a bit thinner, but still very thick. In the cantina, the temperature remains almost the same, both summer and winter.