Casa Gallinaio

€400 a week
With a view of the sea and of the end of the village of ISCA SULLO IONIO ( CZ ) in CALABRIA, on the foundations where once was a chicken coop, there is now IL GALLINAIO . The house is built on one of the terraces of our land . Isca is 3 km far from the sea.

The house is surrounded by olive trees and cactus (fichi d’India). Here you are a little bit detached from the village and immersed in nature. Il Gallinaio is one-roomed flat with a deck containing a double bed and underneath a living room with kitchen. The bathroom has a shower and toilet.

Chicken coops were often placed on the most beautiful spots: on the countryside, not too far from the village and with a beautiful view. These buildings are now often falling apart and reduced to a heap of stones.