Casa Santa Lucia

€325 a week
Between the hills of Monte Cimini (LAZIO ) , 50 km from Rome , lies the village CARBOGNANO ( VT ) . In the historical center Castello is the one room Casa Santa Lucia , which dates from the 16th century . The house is a large living kitchen with fireplace and in the back corner a double bed. Under the arch is the bathroom with shower and toilet . The house is located in a small square in front of the church Santa Lucia. Far 4 km away , surrounded by hills covered with hazelnut and chestnut trees , you can find the lake Lago di Vico , a nature reserve.

The houses of the workers of Carbognano were built around the Il Castello ( castle ) . In a way that it looks like they are weaved with each other, made of tufo , tuffstone . The village lies on the tuforock , wich is a soft stone . The ancestors made their cantinas in it . By hand they digged the caves complete with stairs . In these underground spaces, pitch-black depths refrigerators, the farmers held their precious wine quality well kept and apples, potatoes and chestnuts were preserved.